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Administrated by
: TuGo
Underwritten by: Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.
24h Emergency Assistance Center: Claims at TuGo

IMPORTANT NOTE: The product-related information on this website is for illustration purposes only. For complete benefits, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, please see the policy booklet at the download section below. Please read and understand your policy before you travel.

Maximum Liability is $2,000,000 per Insured Person per policy period.
  - Hospital and medical expenses (semi-private accommodation).
  - Physician, surgeon and anesthetist services.
  - Private duty nursing services up to $15,000.
  - Ambulance services (including mountain and sea rescue).
  - X-ray examinations and diagnostic laboratory procedures.
  - Prescription drugs up to $10,000 for a maximum of 30 day supply.
  - Medical appliances - including but not limited to wheelchairs, crutches and canes, but in no event will the rental amount payable exceed the total purchase price.
  - Professional medical services of physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, osteopath and podiatrist up to a maximum limit of $600 per practitioner.
  - Emergency air transportation to the nearest medical facility or for return to your country of permanent residence. This benefit must be pre-approved and arranged by Claims at TuGo.
  - Accidental dental, maximum $5,000 for the repair or replacement of whole or sound teeth.
  - Emergency dental, maximum $600 for a pain relief, other than caused by an accident.
  - Wisdom Teeth - extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, up to $150 per tooth for necessary dental and/or oral surgical procedures.
  - Funeral expenses - up to $15,000 for preparation and return of your body to your country of origin or up to $5,000 for burial or cremation at the place of death (excluding cost of a burial coffin or urn). Up to $5,000 for transportation costs of one family member to go to the place of your death and $150 per day up to $1,500 for meals and commercial accommodation of the family member.
  - Non Emergency Treatment - up to $3,000 per policy for non-emergency medical treatment, following emergency medical treatment.
  - Annual Physician visit - up to $150 for one visit to physician for a general check-up per 12 months.
  - Eye Examination
- one visit to optometrist per 12 months.
  - Maternity Benefit - up to $25,000 for pre-natal care if pregnancy commenced during period of coverage. (The childbirth and post-natal care are EXCLUDED from the maternity benefit)
  - Psychiatric/ Psychological Benefit - up to $1,000 for visit following an emergency to Psychiatrist or Psychologist., referred by the attending Physician. Up to $10,000 for in-patient hospitalization due to psychiatric, psychological, mental or emotional disorders.
  - Family Transportation benefit of up to $5,000 for transportation of a family member and up to $150 per day (maximum $1,500) for meals and accommodation in the event of your hospitalization if the attending physician advises the necessary of bed side attendant. This benefit have to be approved by Claims at TuGo.
  - Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance - $10,000

Optional Benefits:
  - Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance (24-Hour Accident) - $25,000
  - Air Flight/Common Carrier Accident - Maximum limit $100,000

EXCLUSIONS: Your coverage is subject to various exclusions, which are completely set out in the Exclusions section of the policy document. The following, although not an exhaustive list, are some of these exclusions:
ELIGIBILITY: You are eligible for coverage if:
  1. You are 69 years and under at the time of application date of the Policy; and,
  2. You are a student enrolled in a school within Canada; or,
  3. You are an accompanying family member of the student residing in Canada; and,
  4. You are not insured under a provincial or territorial government health care plan. If you become eligible for and insured under the government health care plan of the province or territory in which you study, the insurance will then apply in excess of this provincial or territorial government health care plan; and, 
  5. You are not travelling against a physician's advice and you have not been diagnosed with a terminal condition. 

PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: No coverage for a medical condition, illness or injury for which you have received medical consultation, diagnosis, and/or treatment prior to the effective date of the policy except conditions which has remained STABLE in the 90 days prior to the effective date of the policy.

means the medical condition is not worsening and there has been no alteration* in any medication for the condition or its usage or dosage, nor any medical treatment prescribed or recommended by a physician or received, within the period specified in this Policy before the commencement date of a covered trip.
*Alteration includes an increase or decrease in medication dosage, usage or a change in medication type, but does not include changes due solely to the availability of your usual brand or due to government regulations regarding reference-based pricing.

- Medical treatment and expenses incurred while in your home country are excluded.
- Injury or sickness while participation in professional sport activities.
- Conditions in result of abuse of alcohol, drugs or medications.
- Chronic conditions and ongoing care prescriptions or service.
- Any subsequent claim with respect to a sickness or injury, which occurred during the effective term of this insurance and for which a claim has already been made or is pending.

In the event of a medical emergency, call Claims at TuGo immediately:
To make a claim, simply contact Claims at TuGo 24 hours a day, seven days a week:
- From U.S.A. & Canada, call toll-free: 1-800-663-0399
- From Mexico, call toll-free: 001-800-514-9976
- Worldwide, call collect: 1-604-278-4108

Notice: all claims have to be reported to Claims at TuGo no later than 30 days from the date a claim arises. Within 90 days all documents supporting your claim have to be sent to the insurance company.

All claims correspondence should be mailed to:
Claims at TuGo
10th Floor, 6081 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC Canada V6Y 2B2

In the event of unresolved disputes respecting any claim or portion thereof, the following should be contacted: Claims at TuGo 10th Floor, 6081 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC, V6Y 2B2
Any complains must be submitted within one year after the date of the expense.

- Full refund before the effective date of the policy.
- Refund will be calculated from the date of permanent return to your home country, or from the date you became covered under a provincialor territorial government health care plan or you are no longer enrolled in a school within Canada..
- Refunds are not available if a claim has been or will be submitted.
- Partial refunds are subject to an administration fee of $25.

EXTENSIONS: You can extend your period of coverage by calling your broker or TuGo if you meet the following conditions:
- You have not submitted a claim and have no intent to submit a claim.
- Your period of coverage has not already expired.

Travel worldwide during the period of coverage is valid as long as the majority of the period of coverage is spent in Canada. Coverage is not applicable while in your country of permanent residence.

TuGo (former Travel Underwriters) is an organization established in 1964 to provide insurance and health care services to North American consumers. Areas of specialty include insurance products and services, health care management and international travel and medical assistance services. Tugo delivers the highest level of support when travelers face an emergency through a multilingual customer call centre and experienced travel assistance team.

TuGo is based in Richmond, BC, with offices in Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, San Diego and Mexico City.


Medical and Hospital
Days: 1-366 days
(69 and under)
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (optional)
$20.00 per policy per person

- Minimum 10 days, Maximum - 365 days (or 366 days for leap years).
- Family Rates (Age 0-40) are $1.98 per day per person in the family.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The product-related information on this website is for illustration purposes only. For complete benefits, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, please see the policy booklet at the download section below. Please read and understand your policy before you travel.


Travel Underwriters International Student POLICY PDF


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