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Administrated by: The Manufactures Life Insurance Company (Manulife Financial).
Underwritten by: The Manufactures Life Insurance Company (Manulife Financial).
24 hours Assistance Center: Active Care Management

IMPORTANT NOTE: The product-related information on this website is for illustration purposes only. For complete benefits, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, please see the policy booklet at the download section below. Please read and understand your policy before you travel.

- Emergency Medical maximum benefit: $2,000,000
- Hospital expenses (semi-private room) limited to 60 days per injury or illness (30 days for psychiatric treatment).
- Physician services and up to 5 follow-up visits for out of hospital visits.
- Diagnostic laboratory procedures.
Prior approval is required for all major diagnostic testing including but not limited to MRI, CAT scan, sonograms, ultrasounds and biopsies.
- Private duty nursing services up to $10,000.
- Ambulance services up to $5,000 for a ground or air ambulance.
- Prescription drugs up to 30-day supply.
- Professional medical services - Treatment received from a licensed chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncturist, chiropodist, physiotherapist or podiatrist, up to $70 per visit to a maximum of $700 for a covered injury. This benefit is subject to approval in advance from Manulife Assistance Centre.
- Medical appliances – purchase or rental (whichever is less) of a hospital bed, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, splints, slings, trusses, braces or other prosthetic appliance. Prior approval by Manulife is required.
- Emergency evacuation – up to maximum of $100,000 to transport you home as a result of accident.
- Accidental dental
, maximum $2,500 for emergency dental treatment (within 30 days of the accident.
- Emergency dental, maximum $100 for a pain relief, and up to $250 per tooth to extract impacted wisdom teeth. (this benefit excludes crowns and root canals).
- Psychiatric care - up to $5,000 for services of a legally qualified psychiatrist while you are an in-patient following an emergency.
- Family Transportation and subsistence allowance - benefit of up to $3,000 for transportation of a family member and up to $150 per day (maximum $1,500) for meals and accommodation in the event of your hospitalization for at least 7 day.
- Tuition reimbursement – up to $5,000 per semester for tuition fee paid, if you have an emergency which prevents you from attending school and, as a result, you are unable to obtain passing grades for the semester, as confirmed by your physician and registrar of the school you are attending.
- Funeral expenses - up to $10,000 for preparation and return of your body and up to $3,000 for burial or cremation at the place of death.
- Trip break - during the period of coverage you may return once to your home to attend special events for up to 21 consecutive days without terminating your policy (you have to request and receive prior approval from the Assistance Centre)

Non Emergency Treatment:

- Annual medical examination - up to $100 for one visit to physician for a general check-up per year.
- Eye Examination- one visit to optometrist per year.
- Maternity Benefit - the reasonable and customary charges up to the following amounts for physician services and hospitalization, per pregnancy:
     - $4,000 for normal childbirth
     - $6,000 for caesarian section or
     - $8,000 for medical complications related to childbirth.
To be eligible for this benefit, your pregnancy must have commenced after the effective date of the policy. If you have purchased back-to-back policies issued by Manulife, you are still eligible for this benefit (provided there has been no lapse in coverage).
Notwithstanding the above benefit, newborns are not covered under this policy. They can become fully covered at 30 days of age if an application is completed and submitted to, and approved in writing by Manulife and you have purchased and paid the premium for family coverage.
- Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance - $10,000

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for this insurance, you must be:
    -  under the age of 55 and
    -  a full-time student  (with proof of admission or enrolment in a recognized institute of learning) or
    -  a student completing post-doctoral research in a recognized institute of learning; or
    -  dependant(s) and/or the spouse of, and living with a student covered under this insurance, and named on the application.

EXCLUSIONS: Your coverage is subject to various exclusions, which are completely set out in the Exclusions section of the policy document. The following, although not an exhaustive list, are some of these exclusions:

PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: Manulife will not pay any expenses or benefits relating to a pre-existing condition which has not remained STABLE in the three (3) months before your effective date.

STABLE: means a medical condition that:
- there has not been any new symptom(s); and
- existing symptom(s) have not been more frequent or severe; and
- a physician has not determined that the medical condition has become worse; and
- no test findings have shown that your medical condition may be getting worse; and
- a physician has not provided, prescribed, or recommended any new medication, any change in medication; and
- a physician has not prescribed or recommended any new treatment or any change in treatment; and
- there has been no admission to a hospital or referral to a specialty clinic or specialist; and  
- a physician has not advised referral to a specialist or further testing, and there has been no testing for which the results have not yet been received.

WAITING PERIOD for illness:
A waiting period applies if the insurance is purchased after arrival at your destination and applies to any claim that is not the result of an accidental bodily injury. The waiting periods are:
- the 48-hour period following the effective date of insurance if the insurance is purchased within 30 days after your arrival at your destination.
- the 8-day period following the effective date of insurance if the insurance is purchased more than 30 days after your arrival at your destination.
- No waiting period if the insurance policy is purchased before your arrival at your destination or prior to the expiry date of your existing policy already issued, to become effective on the day following such expiry date.

- Continuing treatment after the Assistance Centre has requested that you return home.
- Medication commonly available without a prescription, fertility drugs or testing, contraceptives, pregnancy test, drugs for treatment of erectile disfunction, vaccinations or injections, vitamin preparations or medication received on a preventive basis, acne medications, baldness remedies, nicotine resin products, dietary supplements or weigh loss products and/or the replacement of existing prescriptions, whether replacement was for reason of loss, renewal or inadequate supply.
- claims related to drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants, whether sane or insane.
- emotional, psychological, nervous or mental disorders unless you are admitted to a hospital.
- An emergency resulting from mountain climbing requiring the use of specialized equipment, including carabineers, crampons, pick axes, anchors, bolts and lead-rope or top-rope anchoring equipment to ascend or descend a mountain; rock-climbing; parachuting, skydiving, hang-gliding or using any other air-supported sporting device; participating in a motorized speed contest; or your professional participation in a sport, snorkeling or scuba-diving when that sport, snorkeling or scuba-diving, is your principal paid occupation.
- An act of war or act of terrorism (please, read the insurance policy for more information regarding terrorism coverage)
- Renal dialysis or organ transplantation of any nature.
- Any loss resulting from an act of war or an act of terrorism when, before your effective date, a written formal Travel Warning was issued by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, advising Canadians to avoid all or non-essential travel to that country, region or city.
- Any medical expenses incurred outside of Canada when more than 15 consecutive days or more than 49% of your period of coverage were spend outside Canada.
- Any emergency medical and non-emergency medical services for any injury that occurred or illness that started in your home country during a Trip Break.
- Any medical condition you suffer or contract in a specific country, region or city for which Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada has issued a formal Travel Warning, before your departure date, advising Canadians to avoid all or non-essential travel to that specific country, region or city. In this exclusion “medical condition” is limited to the reason for which the formal Travel Warning was issued and includes complications arising from such medical condition.
- Magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs), computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans, sonograms, ultrasounds or biopsies, cardiac catheterization, angioplasty and/or cardiovascular surgery including any associated diagnostic test(s) or charges unless approved in advance by the Assistance Centre prior to being performed. All surgery must be authorized by the Assistance Centre prior to being performed except in extreme circumstances where surgery is performed on an emergency basis immediately upon admission to hospital. 

IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY, YOU MUST CALL THE ASSISTANCE CENTRE IMMEDIATELY: 1-877-331-3134 toll free from Canada or the U.S., or +1-519-251-7401 collect call from anywhere else. If you do not contact the Assistance Centre before receiving medical treatment, you will have to pay 20% of the medical expenses Manulife would normally pay under this insurance. If it is medically impossible for you to call, we ask that you call as soon as you can or that someone calls on your behalf. Do not assume that someone will contact the Assistance Centre for you. It is your responsibility to verify that this has been done.

To make a claim due to illness or injury during your trip, please call the Assistance Centre: 1-877-331-3134 toll free from the USA and Canada or 1-519-251-7401 collect to Canada from anywhere else in the world. The Assistance Center is there to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your claim must be reported within 30 days and sent to Manulife within 90 days of your loss.

Please, mail all original receipt, bills and invoices (make your own copy) to:
Manulife Financial Travel Insurance for Students
c/o Active Care Management
PO Box 1237 Stn A
Windsor, ON, N9A 6P8

You may call the Claims Centre directly for specific information on how to make a claim or to enquire about your claim status at: 1-877-331-3230 or 1-519-251-7402. All money payable under this contract shall be paid by us within 60 days after it has received proof of claim and all required documentation.

If you disagree with the claim decision, the matter will be submitted to arbitration under the arbitration law in the Canadian province or territory where your policy was issued. Legal action to recover a claim must start within 12 months of the date the insurance monies would have been payable if it were a valid claim and be undertaken before courts of the Canadian province or territory where your policy was issued. 

- Full refund (minimum premium of $50) before the effective date of the policy.
- Partial refund will be calculated from the postmark date of your request, provided that you mail your written refund request within five (5) days of your return home or the effective date of your Canadian government health insurance plan.
- Refunds are not available if a claim has been or will be submitted or reported.

EXTENSIONS: You can extend your period of coverage by calling your insurance broker or Manulife as long as:
- Your period of coverage has not already expired.
- You remain eligible for insurance under this plan;
- there has been no change between single or family coverage.

NOTE: Any medical conditions from previous period of coverage will be considered PRE-EXISTING and will not be covered during the new period of insurance. NO losses or expenses or benefits will be paid for any illness or injury which first appeared, whether diagnosed or not, or for which treatment may or may not have been received prior to the effective date of the extension of coverage.

Manulife Financial is a leading Canadian-based financial services company, operating worldwide, offering a diverse range of financial protection products and wealth management services. Manulife Financial is the largest life insurance company in Canada, the second largest in North America and the sixth largest in the world based on market capitalization.
Manulife Financial Corporation trades as 'MFC' on the TSX, NYSE and PSE, and under '945' on the SEHK.

Note: This information is an illustration only. It is not an insurance policy. Travel insurance does not cover everything. For the complete terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions please see the policy wording online or refer to your policy booklet.


Medical and Hospital


0-365 days

(55 and under)

$2.70 per day

- Family Rate (Age 0-55) is $5.40 per day.
- For students studying in another province or territory in Canada, the rate will be 50% less than the rate for a single applicant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The product-related information on this website is for illustration purposes only. For complete benefits, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, please see the policy booklet at the download section below. Please read and understand your policy before you travel.


Manulife Students Insurance POLICY PDF

Manulife Financial and the block design are registered service marks and trademarks of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and are used by it and its affiliates, including Manulife Financial Corporation.


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